Hello! So you are ready to become a Lumnarion? Well, go to to create your character. Remember, your skin can be White or Blue. If you want it to be white, just don't change the skin color and I will fix it later because you can't actually make white skin on the character creator. Then, post your character here. Here's the info I need about your character:




Age: (in Lumnarion years) conversion chart




Here's an example:

Crystal MairinEdit

Username: Heartsky

Gender: Female

Age: 15 Years of Age

Family: Ephah Mairin (father), Star Mairin (mother)

Personality: Crystal can seem rebellious and sarcastic, but in her heart she loves her parents and hates making them upset.

History: She is the princess of Lumnar.

Are you ready?

Put New Characters HereEdit


Username: Aquamarine1212

Gender: Female

Age: 14


Personality: Somewhat snappy, overprotective over herself, grumpy a lot, likes animals,

History: She grew up in Lithlindi with her father. She doesn't know what happened to her mother, but suspects she divorsed with her father when she was young. She grew up being teased my white lumnarions, and has hated them ever since.

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