So, you want to become a Lumnarion and live on Lumnar? Well, here's how:

1. Learning about Lumnar

  • Go to "All About Lumnar" and learn more about Lumnar.

2. Creating your Character

  • First, choose whether you want to be a Blue Lumnarion or a White Lumnarion. Blue Lumnrions have blue skin and White Lumnarions have white skin. When I say white, I mean white like snow, or paper.
  • Then, go to and create your character. If you are a Blue Lumnarion make your skin blue. If you want to be a White Lumnarion, leave your skin as a normal human color and I will fix it because on the character creator you can't really make your skin white.
  • When you are finished, go to the New Characters page and post your character there. Make sure to mention the character's name. Not sure what to name your character? Here's a site you can go to for ideas: Hope this helps!

3. Finding a Home

  • Go to the Arilo Realty Office page if you are a White Lumnarion or the Lithlindi Realty Office if you are a Blue Lumnarion and take a look at all the homes available.
  • When you find a house you like, leave a request on the Realty Office page.
  • You will have to pay 1000 silver pieces for a house, but don't worry, you start out with 4000 silver pieces.
  • If you want to become a farmer or a rancher, you can also purchase a farm or a ranch for 1000 silver pieces. Don't worry, farming and ranching are important businesses and your ranch or farm will quickly pay for itself!
  • If you are a farmer/rancher, it is best to go to the Arilo Farming Supply Shop if you are a White Lumnarion or the Lithlindi Farming Suppliers Shop if you are a Blue Lumnarion.

4. Getting a Job

  • On Lumnar, it is important to find a job so that you can earn money to buy food, clothing, and shelter, and maybe even a few pets. If you are a farmer or rancher, you already have a job so this part of the instructions do not apply to you because you already have a job. To obtain a job, go to the Jobs/Public Services page for your town (Arilo or Lithlindi) and decide which job you would like to have.
  • Apply for the job you would like.
  • If you get the job (which you most likely will) You must follow the instructions given to you for that job. Have Fun!

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